Club Projects March Update

Men's Changing Rooms - Stage one completed!

Stage One of our men's changing rooms refurbishing project is now complete. The old toilets and urinals have been removed, and two new toilets, urinals and basins have been installed, the floor has been tiled and the changing rooms are looking great!

Stage Two is the showers; where the floor will be re-tiled, four partitions installed, and shower heads replaced.

We hope to have stage two underway before the end of the month, completed by 10th April, which is our second squash tournament of the year; the Waipa Open.

Tennis Court Resurfacing

Thanks to Pub Charity, we have received the beginning of funding for resurfacing our three hard tennis courts. This project is now in the planning stages, with Graeme Martin and Sheryl Carpenter looking after the fundraising efforts to raise the remainder. We will also be in touch with the council to see if they can contribute in any way.

If anyone is able to contribute, please get in touch with Claire or see the donations info on the Tennis Page

Our aim is to have brand new resurfaced courts before the start of the next season. You can check out our funding thermometer at the club or below!

Painting of Downstairs

We would love to get the downstairs area of the club, and the men's and women's changing rooms painted. We are on our way to sourcing some paint and will be getting this under way as soon as possible. Anyone who knows of someone who may be able to provide paint, is good with a paintbrush, or has a day/half day to donate to the club, please let Claire know!