Change of date for the Tennis Working Bee

Change of Plans

The team have agreed to defer the effort to remove the old Astro turf on Courts 1&2 until the following weekend to Sunday 13th February 2022.
The Tiger Turf team are due to start the replacement of the turf on Monday 14th February 2022 subject to weather conditions - it needs to be dry and not too windy

The key reason for the deferral of this effort is due to the need to have as many "hands on deck” on the day as it is a mammoth task. We are pleased that many of you have said you would be available to help but due to decisions and planning for the long weekend (Waitangi) many are not available which is completely understandable.

So the plan going forward will be as per our initial thinking which is

- The tractor sweeper will be available to do the work required on Saturday afternoon (around 4pm)
- The nets will be removed on Saturday also from Courts 1&2
- As much is possible we will look to start moving the sand off the courts by wheelbarrow

- The Sunday effort will start at 7.30am to remove the old Astro surface

Please bring with you if you have one
- A Stanley knife
- a yard broom
- Leaf blower
- a trailer to help move the turf rolls off the court

For safety it may pay to bring any of the following
- face mask
- sunglasses or eye protection
- gloves
- water etc

We are hopeful of some catering so we will provide plenty of sustenance for you all.

Once the job is complete we will have a beer and for those with any energy left maybe a game of tennis!!
Please confirm your attendance to Deano in the office. The more helpers the easier the job should become. Last time we had about 30 willing helpers which was outstanding.

Thanks for all the help (in advance)

Cheers Richard and Graeme